We know you’re swamped. That’s the nonprofit life! The Earth Day Oregon team is here to make this easy. Super easy. Skim these basics below, and let us know if you’ve got questions.

Nonprofit Partner Commitments:

  • Send the Earth Day Oregon team your logo and a brief description of your organization.

  • Team up with at least FIVE business partners.

  • Promote your business partners via your e-newsletters, social media, posters, etc.

  • Report your total funds raised to the Earth Day Oregon Team by May 20, 2019.

Nonprofit Partners Should Expect:

  • Contributions from their five Business Partners

  • An equally divided-amongst-participants contribution from Business Sponsors

  • Support from the Earth Day Oregon team in the form of:

    • letter templates for business outreach

    • social media and marketing collateral

    • PR support

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Still not 100% clear? Check out the FAQs below.

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How will the donations be received by nonprofit participants?

There are two means by which nonprofit participants will receive gifts.

  • Funds from Business Partners: Nonprofits team up with at least five business partners. These businesses donate directly to their nonprofit partner. Some businesses may choose to contribute a flat amount, others may choose to gift a percentage of sales on Earth Day (April 22), or Earth Week, or Earth Month. It benefits organizations to secure as many business partners as possible. Business Partners are encouraged to support a maximum of three nonprofit partners, to avoid donation dilution.

  • Funds from Business Sponsors: If a business would rather support the Earth Day Oregon initiative broadly vs supporting specific nonprofits, they can become Business Sponsors. Business Sponsor contributions will be held at the Oregon Community Foundation. and dispersed equally amongst all nonprofit participants from the Earth Day Oregon Fund.

Are nonprofits limited to only five Business Partners?

No! Nonprofits can team up with as many Business Partners as they like. In fact, the more, the better!

Are business partners limited to a maximum number of Nonprofit Partners?

Business Partners are strongly encouraged to select no more than three nonprofit partners, so as to avoid donation dilution. If they wish to support more than three nonprofit organizations, they may consider becoming a Business Sponsor.

Is the Earth Day Oregon team collecting this money?

No. Funds raised from Business Partners will go directly from partner-business to partner-nonprofit. Funds raised from Business Sponsors will be held in the Earth Day Oregon Fund at the Oregon Community Foundation until equally distributed by the fund to every nonprofit partner. Zero dollars will go to the all-volunteer Earth Day Oregon team.

Is Earth Day 2019 a big deal?

Earth Day Oregon 2019 is being run in anticipation of 2020, when Earth Day celebrates its 50th anniversary. 2019 can be viewed as a pilot run for what is hoped to be even greater participation and, ultimately, greater funds raised in 2020.

Doesn’t a fundraiser like this just encourage more consumption, which is ultimately not a healthy environmental action?

This fundraiser is not intended to encourage additional consumption. Rather, it gives businesses an opportunity to direct some of their sales for Earth Month to support the work of Earth-focused nonprofit organizations in Oregon. Local businesses should find increased awareness, and potentially increased sales of their goods and/or services. Additionally, Earth Day Oregon should increase bonds between local nonprofits and local businesses, potentially leading to continued relationships through volunteering opportunities, sponsorships, or more.

What kind of messages and communication tools will the Earth Day Oregon team provide?

Earth Day Oregon will provide digital files of 11x17 posters to hang in nonprofit and business participants’ windows, e-newsletter copy and images, social media copy and images (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook). The Earth Day Oregon team will also craft and distribute press releases.

Who is the Earth Day Oregon team?

Earth Day Oregon team members are community volunteers from various sectors in the community, who recognize the power of working together to impact change. Learn more here.