Earth Day Oregon 2019? It went well!

Highlights by the Numbers

  • 22 Nonprofits Partners participated.

  • 84 Business Partners participated.

  • Over $50K went to support environmentally-focused organizations in our community.

What the Nonprofit Partners Said

  • “Through Earth Day OR we're slated to triple what we normally raise in our normal Spring Appeal and it helped secure and deepen new and ongoing corporate partnerships.”

  • “Not only do we get to help bring attention to our Mother Earth and protect her, we get to steward our donors and engage sponsors. Great idea - I know it was a lot of work and [the Earth Day Oregon team] were super-organized and prepared. Thank you!

  • “Thank you for all the work that went into this. It was a valuable learning experience for us in developing business partnerships and we have lots of ideas about we as a participating nonprofit can make it more impactful for us next year. Thank you!”

100% of the Nonprofit Partners surveyed said participating in Earth Day Oregon was a valuable experience.

2019 Participating Nonprofit Partners

What the Business Partners Said

  • “As a small business, we appreciated the opportunity to support our community’s nonprofit organizations in a way that was feasible for our budget and still made a big difference, as we were a piece of a broader movement.”

  • “We look forward to being involved in 2020!”

  • “Participating in Earth Day Oregon helped us meet our internal Corporate Social Responsibility metrics, our B Corps metrics, provided positive representation of our company in the community, and allowed us to be a part of a bigger effort to support a healthy Oregon.”

80% of Business Partners were certain they would participate in Earth Day Oregon again in 2020.

2019 Participating Business Partners

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